Experience is the best teacher.

Engage people in immersive, collaborative, active experiences
with Experience Builder.

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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember.
I do and I understand." - Confucius 450 B.C.
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Process Change
Ice Breakers
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Process Change
Ice Breakers
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Experience Builder is the only platform that empowers you to

create, manage, and deliver

facilitator-lead, immersive, collaborative experiences

at scale

Experience Builder is a better way to learn in-person or virtually.

Participants work and learn together by navigating story-based scenarios that feel eerily like their real world.

Whether your participants are gathered in a room together, or scattered around the world, with Experience Builder you'll achieve higher engagement, deeper learning, and stronger application.

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Plus it's just more fun for everyone!
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Built by learning science nerds to support how adults actually learn

Experience Builder enables adult learning.

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Adults learn best when they're involved in the learning process. Participants and Facilitators across all sorts of industries tell us having to DO things made their training easier to digest, understand, and put to use.


Story-based scenarios that encapsulate learners in subject matter facilitate a deep comprehensive understanding, boost motivation, and encourage learners to invest more effort... pulling them into deeper learning cycles. It feels natural for learners to apply and practice, allowing them to learn from mistakes, and gain confidence.


When participants work together to solve problems, complete tasks, and understand new concepts, it enhances critical thinking, improves communication, boosts confidence, promotes deeper understanding of content, and encourages responsibility.


Context provides a framework to understand new information, and make it relatable and meaningful. Associating new knowledge with existing experience creates stronger neural connections, making application easier. Relevant materials make purpose and value obvious.

Designed to help you implement FAST

It'd be awesome if you had months to plan and create an engaging experience... buuut you probably don't. You need to change hearts and minds now, not next month!

The good news? Experience Builder is easy to start using even if you've never created a learning experience before.
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Give your learners an experience they’ll remember, understand, and apply

You CAN engage participants at scale. We’ll show you how.

Like the experiences created on our platform, Experience Builder comes alive once you're in it.
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