Get people engaged with “Episodes”
(Eerily like their real world).
One episode at a time they’ll struggle, rally, and emerge feeling like they’ve already done it.
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You’ll use Experience Builder’s Episode structure to immerse participants in the very situations where they’ll need to perform.

What’s the deal
with Episodes?

Episodes allow you to “tee up” situations you know participants will encounter in the real world. What will you throw at them in the next episode? Difficult people, tough decisions, deadlines, great examples? You’ll keep participants engaged and grokking*.

* grok (v) /ɡräk/ : To understand something intuitively, on a deeper level. In other words ... they have to grok it to rock it!

Designed to help you implement FAST

It'd be awesome if you had months to plan and create an engaging experience...... buuut you probably don't. You need to change hearts and minds fast!

The good news? Experience Builder is easy to start using even if you've never created a learning experience before

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5 steps to better learning outcomes
Quickly turn your stories and expertise into an experience. Toggle through the steps to learn more.
Step 01:  
Define outcomes & objectives

Because if you don’t define the destination, how can you plot a course? And how will you know if you’ve arrived?

In this step you'll get clear about the knowledge, skills, insights, and behaviors the experience is targeting.

Step 02:  
High Level Design

What path will participants walk?
Perhaps they'll follow steps in a process;
or a character through time; or perhaps they'll encounter a series of unrelated scenarios.

It's time to sketch episodes that will enable objectives and outcomes; identify scenarios, situations, and characters; and define what the participants must do.

Step 03:  
Bring it to life!

Usually an iterative process, this step is about adding context and color to immerse participants and open deep cycles of learning. While building episode content it's imperative to stay focused on objectives and outcomes.

Step 04:  
Equip Facilitators to Succeed

It's important every group of participants has the intended experience. To ensure consistency and quality across facilitators, provide them direction, suggestions, and tips. With help exactly where and where they need it, facilitators can be "in the boat" with participants, and stay focused on coaching them toward the objectives.

Step 05:  
Make it happen!

Customize, schedule, register, deliver, and ultimately report on your experiential events, workshops, and meetings.

Give your learners an experience they’ll remember, understand, and apply

You CAN engage participants at scale. We’ll show you how. Like the experiences created on our platform, Experience Builder comes alive once you're in it.
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